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Film Industry in Going Black, and Gay

Hey! Is it just me or is the film industry trying hard to present the Black community and normalise homosexuality?

Going Black
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Nowadays, it’s so obvious that the film industry try hard to show how black lives matter to them (yeah right) by adding diversity in every movie. There must be a black lead character and the interracial relationship seems like an obligation. If the hero is white, then the heroin must be black, and vice versa. I usually don’t give an eye about it but I had my last straw when a black man played Cinderella’s GENDERLESS FAIRY GODMOTHER , and now a black actress is the live-action little mermaid. I also cringed when Electro said, “I just thought you was gonna be black” to Spiderman in No Way Home, which some said it’s a hint whereby next Spidey will be black. What? Because Black lives matter so everything must go black now?

Going Gay
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Then this LGBT is not news but since the Pride Act was passed in 2019, the film industry is trying hard to normalise homosexuality even in children’s movies. We had to deal unnecessary sex scenes, and now there’re a lot of unnecessary gay characters. What’s more disgusting is that when it involves underage children, or at least that’s the age the characters were portraying. It is very uncomfortable to look at. It’s like they’re trying to normalise pedophilia as well! That’s just so messed up, man.

I just can’t imagine if the powerful Black Panther character is played by a caucasian or Chinese or Korean or even Malay. Black lives matter. Gay lives matter. In fact, EVERY LIVES MATTER. I’m someone who can mix with any person of any colour and any sexual preferences, but if the film industry continue to mess with the original characters, and try to normalise homosexuality, mark my word, it’ll just make more people become racists and homophobic.

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