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Education and The Lifelong Learning

Hey. Today’s article is about education and the lifelong learning. The text I received from a superior colleague inspired me to write this article. I am genuinely grateful for the encouragement, especially in a time when educated individuals and those with a thirst for knowledge are often undervalued. It seems that nowadays, society tends to idolise misguided influencers rather than those who prioritise learning. It makes me reflect on the current state of our society and what might be contributing to these trends.

The Prevalent Ideology

Numerous influencers are asserting that education holds little importance, arguing that they can achieve wealth without a high educational background. However, this perspective is not novel; my research in 2022 also revealed the prevalence of this mindset throughout history. The sole pursuit of wealth remains a prevalent ideology. The traditional narrative suggests acquiring education to secure a job and ultimately achieve financial success. For those aspiring to become entrepreneurs, the emphasis often must also lies on ensuring that the venture leads to wealth accumulation.

Education is Not Important. Really?

My frustration only lies in their promotion of a lifestyle that disregards the importance of education. It’s crucial to shield younger generations from such harmful mindsets. If education is deemed unnecessary, then who exactly is expected to pursue careers as doctors, car makers, electricians, and so forth? And if these influencers believe they’re so successful just from making money from YouTube, TikTok, and other social media platforms, who do they think contributed to the success of these platforms, from the creation to the ongoing maintenance of these platforms? Uneducated people? Moreover, they still need people to manage their wealth kan? Cakap pakai otak la bang.

Loving a Lifelong Learning

It’s true that education is no longer a guaranteed path to success as my own experience speaks volumes. Despite holding a PhD, I’ve been working in a concierge role for two years, earning less than 32K a year. However, my love for learning remains strong. I may not consider myself exceptionally smart, and my SPM results were far from impressive, but that hasn’t deterred me from pursuing knowledge. If there were any opportunity for someone to sponsor me to pursue a second degree, a second PhD, or any other new courses, I’d eagerly accept it.

It’s The Small Things

Certainly, there are moments when I ponder why getting a promotion seems challenging despite my level of education and ability to quickly grasp new concepts. However, despite this seeming setback, I find contentment in my current job. Why, you may wonder? Well, it offers me the opportunity to interact with diverse individuals and absorb valuable insights from those working at the mall. While economists may perceive businesses in our country as flourishing, I’ve gleaned a different perspective from certain tenants. And as I compose this piece, I’ve discovered the rationale behind the decision of employees from a particular shop to not sell mineral water to customers. It may seem like a trivial detail, but this knowledge might come in handy if I were to become a business owner one day? I already know my staffs’ tricks. LOL But seriously, how often do we get that kind of information?

In a Nutshell

So to cut the long story short: It’s true that education doesn’t come with a guarantee of wealth. Nevertheless, education is the gateway to knowledge acquisition. And armed with knowledge, one can effectively solve problem and get things done. My advice, regardless of your level of education, your position within a company, or the size of your income, always remain committed to learning. Einstein never considered himself a genius, only curious to learn new things and understand his surroundings.

Thanks for reading!