La Luna (2023)

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Hey! Today I would like to talk about La Luna, one of controversial Malay movies. The movie was about the boring rural town has been stirred from unexpected emergence of a lingerie boutique named La Luna. I just had the opportunity to watch it last week. Despite the controversies, it deserves a solid 10 out of 10 rating. I want to clarify that my endorsement is genuine; no one has influenced me to express these sentiments. The movie truly captivated me, and I believe it merits a standing ovation.

Why People Hated The Film

There are primarily two reasons why some individuals are expressing disdain towards this film. Firstly, it delves into themes of sexuality in a rather explicit manner. Admittedly, there were moments that pushed the boundaries. For instance, the scene where a husband brought his wife’s undergarment to her workplace and had an intimate session there. However, I found the scene amusing rather than titillating, largely due to the actors’ unappealing presentations. They were neither attractive nor sexy.

Secondly, the character of Pak Hassan, the respected village chief, is depicted as outwardly pious but inwardly corrupt, engaging in reprehensible behavior like bribery, false accusations, and animal cruelty. This portrayal hits close to home for many viewers like myself, as it mirrors real-life instances of hypocrisy and moral ambiguity.

Why I Loved The Film

It’s interesting to note society’s contrasting reactions to explicit content in films. While many are unfazed by soft pornography prevalent in mainstream shows, including those Korean series and the American movies, they seem to draw the line when it comes to mere realistic depictions of intimate moments between married couples in Malay movies. Personally, I appreciated scene where ladies from the village were excited shopping for alluring innerwear. Its subtle message about body positivity and the freedom to wear whatever makes one feel comfortable, regardless of societal standards.

In today’s society, there’s a pervasive tendency towards judgmental attitudes, as if individuals have already secured their place in heaven. Fear of new ideas or change often stems from a reluctance to relinquish one’s perceived position of power. Those in positions of authority frequently exploit their status for personal gain, while disparaging those who dare to challenge the status quo. It’s disheartening to witness how people, convinced of their own superiority, inflict harm upon other sentient beings, including animals. Does this pattern sound familiar?

In a Nutshell

La Luna presents a compelling narrative that’s worth experiencing. However, it’s regrettable that many within our society remain resistant to positive change. Unlike some neighboring countries, such as Indonesia, which often feature explicit nudity in their films, this local production opts for a different approach. It bravely confronts societal taboos head-on, offering a refreshing departure from the usual tropes. Gone are the days when horror movies with long-haired ghost with bone cracking sounds or when love stories revolved solely around class divides. It’s my sincere hope that our society can gradually embrace this diversity in filmmaking and open themselves up to new and unconventional narratives.

Thanks for reading!

Additional note: I have to add that I have nothing against Ustaz Asma who made a comment about this film. My writings were based and against the netizens who made many negative remarks as if they didn’t watch any other films, worst than La Luna.