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Volunteering: My Story of Initiative and Learning in the Workplace

Getting out of your comfort zone by volunteering. Image: MindManager

Hey. Volunteering is doing something willingly and without being forced or paid to do it (Cambridge Dictionary). This year, I found myself among the fortunate few chosen to join our company’s Sports and Social Club. They told me that employees from other sites rarely volunteer due to scheduling conflicts with headquarters and most events. However, I decided to take a chance and register. Much to my surprise, I received confirmation of my selection. However, I soon realized that most members were higher-ranking employees, leaving me feeling somewhat inadequate. Despite clashes in scheduling and my own feelings of inferiority, I pitched in wherever I could.

Recently, we were assigned to our new sport houses, and I volunteered to manage the WhatsApp group for my assigned house, Beruang. I was initially reluctant to volunteer due to my lower status. But I also feared of displeasing our leader if no one stepped up. So, I offered myself, as a last resort. Our VC asked me to just take on the role, and I’ve since worked to encourage more members to the group, before facilitating the selection of a team captain.

Though it is a very small role, I am both nervous and excited to contribute. It presents an opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and gain new skills beyond my usual job responsibilities. In just a few months, I’ve learned how to request travel quotes from agencies, despite not typically handling such tasks, and have become familiar with unfamiliar terms like “full-board” and “free and easy packages.” Furthermore, I unexpectedly learned how to utilize Canva to generate several t-shirt design ideas (although not so great), which I excitedly shared with the group. It’s been an unexpectedly rewarding experience.

Moral of The Story

Sometimes, taking a leap of faith and stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to unexpected opportunities for growth and learning. Even in situations where you may feel inadequate or unsure, offering to help can not only benefit others but also provide valuable experiences and skills that you may not have gained otherwise. Trusting in yourself and seizing opportunities, no matter how daunting they may seem, can lead to fulfilling outcomes and personal development.

All the best to us! Thanks for reading.