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Publication: Bumiputera Graduate Entrepreneurs in Describing Social Status and Their Social Status Attainment Experience

  • Mohd Razalli, Nur Liyana Yasmin
  • Abdul Kadir, Mohd Ali Bahari

Malaysian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (MJSSH) Vol 2 No 2 (2022)

Short Summary

Social status holds deep significance for individuals. This significance persists even when operating beneath their conscious awareness or going unacknowledged in daily life. Additionally, this fundamental truth also applies to Bumiputera graduate entrepreneurs. Upon closer examination, they reveal a nuanced relationship with the advantages of social status in the business realm. However, some of them may hesitate to openly declare the weight of this significance.

Without a doubt, their reluctance finds its roots in the rich tapestry of the Bumiputera culture. The Bumiputera culture weaves a complex fabric of indirect communication. It places emphasis on the art of tact. It discourages outright honesty, which others may construe as insensitivity or rudeness. This cultural backdrop illuminates the subtleties and intricacies. These subtleties and intricacies underlie the entrepreneur’s reticence. They reveal that these cultural norms shape their approach to social status.

Upon conducting in-depth interviews with seven Bumiputera graduate entrepreneurs within the vibrant context of the Klang Valley, it becomes evident that they have artfully crafted their unique methods to convey the concept of social status. To these enterprising individuals, the status is more than a mere descriptor; it acts as a reflective mirror, reflecting their self-perception, their sense of contentment, and the attention they garner from their community. Notably, these facets remain dynamic, responding to the ebbs and flows of their personal and professional journeys.

As the narrative unfolds, this paper not only explores the intricate nuances of social status but also presents a comprehensive model, shedding further light on the distinctive path that Bumiputera graduate entrepreneurs tread in their quest to attain and navigate social status within their unique cultural and business milieu.

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