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Shameless People on Social Media

Hey. In the age of digital connectivity, social media has emerged as a ubiquitous presence in our lives. These online platforms have revolutionised the way we communicate, share information, and stay connected with the world. Today I would like to talk about the shameless act people do on social media. Once upon a time, I signed up for an account on TikTok but I deleted it immediately because I was so old that I didn’t have a single clue how to use it. Honestly, I never have any regrets for doing so.

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Shameless Acts

Social media in general is created for everyone of all ages. But, you can easily have access to pictures of half-naked ladies on Facebook and Instagram. Because we often look at them, we’ve become desensitised and accept it as NORMAL even among the Muslims. We even become their fans on Facebook page, and these shitters even have ‘Instagram model’ or ‘Influencer’ as job title. Even entrepreneurs are using these platforms to promote their products and services, and they even willing to do every shameless act they can think of, as long as people notice their business. STUPID PEOPLE LIKE BAD MARKETING and I guess, the earth is already full of them, helping these entrepreneurs to succeed. LOL (Click HERE to read my previous related post)

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On Another Level: TikTok

But then, there’s TikTok. It’s encouraging people to do shameless act on another level. I saw some girls went live while they’re working and even when they’re eating during their breaktime. I mean, you have hundreds or thousands of people watching you do everything? For effs sake, I don’t even like eating with other people, what more if they just stare at me. And when somebody showed me videos on TikTok, I was the one who are ashamed looking at videos of Muslim ladies wearing hijabs dancing with bouncing boobies and shaking their booties. MALU PERISAI IMAN, but I guess shyness and faith come after likes and views they get on their social media.

Worse Than Prostitutes

My husband said, these shameless people on social media are worse than prostitutes. I agreed without hesitation. People look down on prostitutes although they don’t go to other people telling they’re prostitutes. They earn money by doing their ‘business’ in discrete. But ordinary people (who claim they are not prostitutes) make money by selling themselves shamelessly on social media, and people acknowledge them as influencers? That’s weird.

Well, I don’t have any idea to solve this matter. Because it’s like a disease that cannot be cured. Because even educators (young teachers especially) are selling themselves on TikTok. We no longer focus on teachers with best teaching methods. Instead, we focus on the hottest, the funniest teacher on earth. Some parents even neglect their children while taking videos for social media. Some abusive parents use their children just to gain views and likes. Even if the Malaysian government follows other countries like India and Afghanistan on banning TikTok, I bet people can still find other alternatives or there’ll be a new platform.

Therefore, all I can say here, good luck to everyone. We’re doomed. Thanks for reading.

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