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Irresponsible Parents

Hey! I was eating peacefully with my husband then suddenly there were some kids running and screaming in the food court without the parents’ supervision. Their parents were busy talking and using their handphones. Yes, I was annoyed and thought of walloping the kids when nobody was watching.JOKING! Honestly, my husband and I don’t have kids. But at least we know that we’re sensible adults. What if the kids accidentally bump into someone holding sizzling food or hot water? Or even worst, abducted or molested by paedophiles?

The funny thing about this kind of parents is that they’re so afraid to let their children get the Covid-19 vaccinations, and let them go to school. They would give thousands of excuses, and would definitely blame the government if anything happens to their kids. No, I’m not pro-government who will go crazy if you talk shit about them. But think about it, even when the parents are around their kids, they cannot control their kids. So vaccination and going to school are very dangerous. But it’s okay for the kids to touch the floor, touch other people who we’re not sure whether they’re infected or not? Some even bring their newly borns to crowded areas. Yikes!

Awful Parenting

There’s this one time I saw this woman hanging a lot of paper bags on her kid’s stroller. To be clear, she’s not a poor person because she bought expensive brands, and she’s not alone at that time. The only thing she lacked at that time was her brain. It’s freaking heavy and the kid who was inside the stroller, FELL BACKWARDS. Then instead of becoming anxious or feeling guilty for being brainless, she picked up the stroller and scolded the kid for not sitting properly. What the fork? Then instead of checking whether the kid’s okay or not, she just gave the kid her phone so that the kid can watch cartoons and be quiet while she enjoys her food and company.

Other People are Not Your Babysitter

Besides that, there are a lot of kids playing around the apartment we’re living at. I HAVE NEVER SEEN THEIR PARENTS AROUND THEM, NOT EVEN ONCE. I even caught them playing in the drain during rainy days. Not only once, but many times! Do I really have to trouble myself to be worried about other people’s kids? Naah thanks. I’ll pass. I’m not going to provide a free babysitting service for neglectful parents. Plus the kids are really the rude type. Once I told them nicely, gently, softly not to do something dangerous, and they talked back like arseholes. So fork off. If they wish to die and their parents don’t give a shit, why should I? LOL

The Malaysian Society

Sometimes I wonder if these parents don’t really want kids in their lives? But I don’t put the blame solely on them. Society in Malaysia is one of the causes. Some kids died because the parents left them in the car, let them go to shops without adults accompanying them, etc. By right, they should be punished due to negligence. In foreign countries, social workers would definitely come to take the children if there’s an incident that proves you to be ‘unfit parents’.

But, no, not in Malaysia. The NETIZENS, especially are truly above the law. They deplore the idea that the parents should be punished, especially if the kids die or something because it’s not nice to add burden to the parents who are still mourning their losses. As the law enforcement in this country is already known to be weak, no actions have been, can, or will be taken on these irresponsible parents. At least, not that I know of.

The World is Not the Same Anymore

Some would say “Our parents used to let us play and do this and that too!”. Hello, it’s a different world now. Last time the children were able to play in front of their houses because there were not so many vehicles using the road. But nowadays, so many vehicles use the same road as shortcuts. I don’t have anything much to say to those who already have children. It’s probably already too late. Or maybe instead of learning something from this particular article, they will just use cheap ways to counter back such as, “You don’t have kids. It’s easy for you to say.”. Indeed, we don’t have kids because we always know that it’s not easy. LOL. But to those who are planning to have kids, please proceed to breed only if both husband and wife are ready to take up and share the responsibilities ya?

Thanks for reading.

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