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Romance After Marriage

Hey. According to Mr Google, Romance is a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. So please, this article is nothing about having sex after marriage (it doesn’t make sense now do they?).

Romance is Not Only for Married Couples Without Kids

I’m married for six years now. Of course, there are ups and downs in every relationship. But I’m lucky enough that my husband still holds my hands when we’re out. I am writing this post not because I want to brag. But it’s sad to see that most married couples don’t do that anymore. You know, like the wife walks in front, and the husband walks at the back something like that. Some would say that’s because we don’t have kids yet. But shouldn’t be having children makes you love one another even more?

You know, you have to make LOVE aka have sex to have children. But is doing it merely to produce and not to bond stronger with your other half? Although my late parents had 4 children, they still held hands, kissed one another on the cheeks, and said I LOVE YOU at their old age. I even saw this aunty and uncle holding hands when walking in a mall. Congratulations who still do too! Keep it up!

Probably I’m just shallow. But if having children makes the romance go away, I think I prefer that I don’t. Because I love excitement. LOL! But I don’t blame anyone. I truly understand that ain’t nobody got time for romance, especially if they have children. You’re just tired most of the time with the job and chores! You don’t even have time to hold hands because you’re just busy holding your children’s hands.

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And I know that most of the parents in Malaysia sleep with their children. Every day is about their children. Maybe there’s something we can learn from the westerners. They let their children sleep in their own rooms. They hire someone for a few hours on their date nights. So why not we try that? Do anything, invest a little to get a chance to spend the time together, and make it exciting and probably arousing. I just can’t believe I said that. Haha

Make an Effort

Remember, marriage is a lifetime commitment. Can you endure it for the next fifty years if you’re already stuck in boredom just in the few years after marriage? I know I can’t. Hehe. Probably the least you can do is say I LOVE YOU to one another no matter how many children you have. It’s so sad that some felt it’s weird and like ‘buang tebiat’ to say that after having children.

Thanks for reading.

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