The Orthodox Mindset : Women Need to Cook

For a very long long long time, cooking has been associated with women due to some reasons like patriarchy (men hold primary power), and habit/culture/tradition. But I don’t think it’s relevant anymore.

Additional Duties

Indeed, in the old days, women used to have limited roles..not more than doing chores at home including cooking, only men went to colleges and work to put food on the table. But nowadays, even women have their own businesses or jobs. They work from morning till evening, and people expect them to cook at home too? Why can’t they just eat outside or take out, so that they can have more time to rest their mind and body, be ready for the next day?

Cooking to Win The Husband’s Heart

I know most people would judge a woman for not cooking at home. As if she’s not fit to be a wife, not a good woman, lazy, yadi yadi yada….Come on. It’s already 2022 and we need to stop this orthodox mindset! Some ‘perfect’ wives would say that cooking is the secret to the husbands’ hearts. But who are you to tell a woman that she’s not going to be loved if she doesn’t cook? Haven’t you heard that even a woman who can really cook can have a cheating husband? For God’s sake, Karen. If they want to cheat, they’ll cheat regardless how good you can cook!

Your Wife is Not Your Housemaid

Some husbands also have the nerve to say that it’s the wives’ duty. Why don’t they just marry housemaids? So only the husbands can go to work and come home to rest, but the wives need to be slaves at home too? Or is it safe to say that men nowadays are incompetent and weaker than women? Now I sound sexist.Eh, serves you right! LOL

Wife as Cheap Labour

Some would say, it’s economical especially if you have kids. So you’re telling me, you make babies but the moms have to take extra responsibilities? Next time before you make babies, please ensure you have the money and the capability to lessen your wives’ burden. And hello, in Islam especially, you need to provide some sort of salary for your wife if you want her to do the job at home. Look up about it.

Indeed, cooking for someone is one of the ways to express the affections we have for another person (read more here). But if cooking becomes a tiring routine, and the woman feels bullied, and even hate her husband and/or family members because of the given responsibility, then what’s the point? Please open up your mind. If some women are happy for not cooking, let them be! Not that they (and I) don’t know that you are pretty miserable and tired doing all the extra work at home. So if you can’t be happy, do others need to be miserable too? And to the ‘gentlemen’, please remember that your working wives are not your slaves or moms. Grow up will you?

Thanks for reading!

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