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A Solution to Traffic Jams in the Klang Valley

Hey. Traffic jams in the Klang Valley area have suddenly become a popular issue (Read here). Well, it’s actually not a new issue and has been prolonged since we can remember. There are so many new roads and yet the roads are congested every effing time. Morning, noon, evening. Sometimes I wonder, when do these people go to work? Anyway, I have only one (unprofessional) suggestion that may be useful to solve the issue; Have a balanced development planning.

Stuck in the jam every day is not a fun thing, guys.
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Unbalanced Developments

There are so many developments focusing on the cities such as KL and PJ. So many new skyscrapers, so many new malls, so many new businesses, hence, so many new jobs available there. But they forgot that not everyone can afford to move and live in that cities. So people from other cities like Kajang, Semenyih, etc have to endure hours of traffic jams coming to and back from work.

Why? Because that’s the only place they can earn at least RM2K. Please go and have a look on job boards and search for jobs in that small cities. Most jobs offer VERY LOW salaries, and there’s limited to no room for career growth. Even if it’s sufficient to earn RM1.2K working nearby to their houses and they don’t have to waste on fuel, that salary won’t allow them to get credit cards or bank loans because the minimum annual income required is RM24K a year (Read more on Loans and Credit Cards for Low Income Earners)! I know because I had to leave my job because of this. I even had to think thoroughly just to buy toiletries, guys and I can’t stand it anymore.

Anyway, back to the story, this suggestion is also applicable to the situation whereby people from other states had to come and work in the Klang Valley. You know, I went to Putrajaya for a dinner. At the restaurant, I heard so many people talking in dialects that I recognise from other states. The roads are congested every time but so clear during festive seasons because these outsiders went back to their hometowns. So we know that most people who contribute to the road congestion are not even originally from the Klang Valley. Therefore, I suggest that the government have to have a balanced development plan so that people can work nearby their houses and avoid making the road congested every damn time!

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