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Hey! Have you ever watched the Divergent series? Honesty I don’t like the series at all. I only love the main character, Shailene Woodley. She just couldn’t fit with what has been defined as normal. She’s definitely not afraid to oppose other people’s opinions.

This website is going to be ALL ABOUT MY OPINIONS AND YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. I don’t want to keep quiet anymore even I don’t have the exact opinions like others. I just don’t care anymore. There are a lot of rude people on social media always trying to discourage me to share my thoughts, every single time. Some would say I am stupid, pray I would die, etc. Just, wow! Eh eh…Don’t I have the right to voice out my opinions? If others are like some kind of dumbass, do I have to be, or pretend to be one too just for the sake of fitting in with the rest? Jadi bodoh-bodoh gitu? No, thanks, I’ll pass.

Excuse me?

We’re not donkeys. We’re humans. We have different opinions. If one can listen to your shitty ideas, why can’t you just accept that others have different things on their minds too? I bet there is a lot of rebellious individuals like me. In the end, we prefer to keep quiet. We are not afraid that people wouldn’t like us. It is just very exhausting to argue with idiotic individuals.

You want to win? Go ahead! Do you want a medal or something? Go to a trophy shop or just order online, if that’s the only thing that’s going to satisfy your ego or whatever. I don’t care. I have a website now. As for you, you’re just going to be social media keyboard warriors with fake profiles forever and ever and ever. LOL

I honestly know that posting anything on this website may not make a huge impact on anyone, or change anything. I just hope that my writings can help others to open their minds, think differently, and who knows my opinions will reach those who are able to help me and the rest to make positive changes in the society, country, and even the world!

Stay tuned, guys.

Thanks for reading!

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