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Animal Shelters in Malaysia

Hey! I think most people that know me are aware that I’m an animal lover. I don’t shop but adopt stray cats. If I’m blessed with a lot of money and a farmhouse, I’d definitely take stray dogs, cows, pigs, or whatever into my loving arms (Mark my word!). But sadly, I don’t have all that. It breaks my heart every time when I see stray animals sleeping on the roadside, or asking for food. I wish I could bring all of them to my home, but I know I’m financially incapable. It’s already a struggle for me to feed my 18 furbabies at home. So, all I can do is hope that there are other good souls going to do their part by feeding or taking the animals to animal shelters.

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Fees Come First

In Malaysia, there are a lot of organisations built for animal charities. But how many of them really aim to help the animals and not for the monetary benefits? You know, a few years ago I wanted to help a stray cat but was unable to bring the cat home (plus I was effing broke at that time and I don’t want to burden my mom). I contacted the famous ***A for help. Instead of guiding me where to send the cat, or asking me ABOUT the cat, they mentioned a fee. LOL! If I have the money, why the F I need to send the cat to them? So I just brought the cat home, instead. Allah is the Greatest. My mom and my family members were able to take care of the cat. No help from a hypocrite was needed. LOL!

Okay, I honestly understand that everything comes with a cost. Yes, they need to buy food, litter, etc. But hello, this place is not merely a shelter, but also a business. They provide vet service with the standard vet rates. They are also funded by top organisations, besides getting donations from others. Yet, their primary concern is the fee to help an animal? Aren’t they supposed to use the bit from their income to help the animals? Or use the donations received to help animals in need?

Own Money is Not for the Animals

If you still don’t get what is it that I’m mad about, let me give you other examples. There’s this shelter run by a husband and wife. Yes, they helped a lot of cats and dogs. So so glamourous getting attention on the media. But it’s tiring seeing their FB status, seeking sympathy from others. They said they don’t have enough money to feed the animals and pay the bills. But hello, I saw the wife wearing branded handbag, and there were also pictures of them going to Mekkah. There’s also this lady doing the same thing. She asked for a lot of money to help the animals she wanted to help but she also had the money to go on vacation and get her hair nicely done.

So it’s that the actual concept for animal shelters? A shelter is a place to protect or shield someone or some animal from something bad, like bad weather. If people are providing shelter with a fee, might as well call it a motel or something. LOL! And what? You create a shelter and the main financial source must come from others, but you keep your own money for you to travel and go to salons? WOW! How do we even know that you’re not using the donations to pay for your flight ticket or salon service? Even if it’s audited, it can be adjusted. I know, because I already know how audit firms go about audits. LOL!

The Real Heroes

Luckily, there are few good animal lovers providing shelter without publicity and asking for donations. Fad ****** Family, for instance, the owner feeds his rescued furbabies using the money he got from selling a few items on an online shopping platform. Of course, he welcomes both money and food donations, BUT, he doesn’t ask for them at all. He doesn’t care what food brand and food size you want to give (Some animal shelters only demand Royal Canin..LOL!).

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I also salute those like myself who do not declare themselves as shelter providers but take care a lot of stray animals. Honestly, based on my readings, these real heroes are rarely wealthy because it’s never about money. InshaAllah, we’re going to be rich on the ‘other side’.

Anyway, to end my article, I just hope the animal lovers in Malaysia will do some research before donating to a certain animal shelters (especially those attention seekers.LOL). I also hope the authorities will oversee the scammers. Don’t let because of them, the rescuers in need won’t be able to get help for the animals they want to help. Last but not least, to all, please adopt, don’t shop. Don’t try to claim you’re an animal lover if you only want the beautiful ones. Oh, either you shop or adopt, please don’t be an asshole dumping the animals whenever you want.

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