Benefit Inequalities in Malaysia

Hey! Benefit inequalities, a pressing issue in today’s society, shed light on disparities in access to essential services and resources. I simply cannot tolerate the benefit inequalities in this country anymore.

Many Perks for Government Servants

Raya is just around the corner. The government servants are going to get their Raya bonus soon. How lucky! During this Ramadan, I’m trying my best not to be the green-eyed monster. Although the government’s slogan is “Berkhidmat Untuk Rakyat”, it’s actually for their cronies and workers. But from housing loans to all sorts of allowances, they sure are getting too many benefits right? How about the rakyat? BKC, BSH, GKP, and everything else, all required the rakyat to fill up the forms and some people were required to physically be at the government offices to hand over the extra documents, and they’re not necessarily approved.

Snapshot from The Star

(On a side note, how the hell the government is supposed to encourage the citizens, especially the Bumiputera to become entrepreneurs if they offer the GREATEST BENEFITS to the government servants? It’s no wonder that becoming a government servant is every Bumiputera’s dream. LOL)

All the Benefits for Full Time + Young Students
Picture from JPM

Even if the assistance is targeted to a specific group, for instance, the student, it’s not meant for ALL students. LOL. Like there’s this ePemula or whatever given to the Malaysian students. I was excited at first because I’m a student too. But it turned out that it’s meant for those aged between 18 to 20 years old, and studying full-time. It’s to lighten the youth’s financial burden. HAHA. Seriously? So they think that older students and individuals studying part-time don’t have any money issues and don’t require any financial assistance? Hello, we’re the ones struggling to balance our lives, work and studies. LOL

Discounts for the Late Payers
Picture from JSPT

Another thing, the government sure loves to give benefits to those who refuse to abide by the law. For instance, we all know that if you don’t pay the summon you got from JPJ or PDRM between the stipulated time, it’s going to be higher and higher (Read here) until you get blacklisted.

The law-abiding citizens would definitely pay the summon on time, because they’re so afraid that there will be other trouble, besides avoiding paying a higher amount. But guess what? JPJ and PDRM have some kind of programme giving discounts up to 80% to encourage those who haven’t paid for the summons, or already got blacklisted to clear their summons. Shouldn’t those paying early get 80-90% discounts? They sure know how to prioritise. LOL

Ah, I can go all nuts if I have to mention all the benefit inequalities in this country. But what can a small individual like myself do? I just can afford to grin and bear the unpleasant situations. Nevertheless, I do hope someone is able to do something about it. Be fair, please.

Thanks for reading.

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