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Biggest Scam: Toll System in Malaysia

Hey. The toll system, an integral part of modern transportation infrastructure, plays a pivotal role in funding and managing our roads, bridges, and highways. I’ve wanted to write this for so long, but I only have the time now. Too busy trying to survive in a world meant for rich people only. LOL

It Should Benefit the Users

In simple words, toll roads are roads that you need to pay when you use the roads. HAHA! Most important, you need to ensure you have sufficient money when you use your RFID (radio frequency identification), Smart Tag, or Touch N Go. If not, you need to reverse your car and make thousands of people swear at you for making them reverse their cars as well. LOL.

According to Emovis Tag, toll roads can benefit the users in 5 ways. It saves time, it saves money, they are safe(r), and they allow the users to pre-plan their budget. Yes, I agree with all that. I mean, logically, we need to pay a ‘small’ amount for convenience. But do they really benefit the Malaysians?

It is a Scam

Well to me, the toll system in Malaysia is a huge scam. The collection is merely for the revenue but brings losses for most users. For instance, Batu 9 toll plaza. The traffic jam begins after the toll plaza until the Cheras roundabout. There is heavy traffic at other toll plazas because of the confusing, and closed lanes. Some people need to top up their card or whatever but the machine is broken, and it takes forever for the staff to come to the rescue. It’s so annoying and a waste of money paying for the toll because you end up wasting more hours in the car.

There’s an article comparing the toll system in a few countries. Maybe you want to read it here and tell me if you still don’t think that the toll system in Malaysia is a fucking fraud. Can anyone please fix this? Or is it a plain plan trying to make the citizens’ lives harder? I don’t think this is a new, alien issue. But it seems that they prefer to close their eyes when collecting the money.

Thanks for reading.

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