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The Unsightly Roadside Stalls

Hey. Unsightly roadside stalls, a common sight in many areas, often blur the line between convenience and eyesore. Today I’m going to talk about those at KLCC and Taman Dagang.I grew up somewhere 15 minutes from the world’s tallest twin tower, KLCC. It’s like our second home. As far as I can remember, that area was a neat area. Obviously, it has to be clean because they’re located nearby one of the tourist attractions in Malaysia..

It Was Different Back Then…
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But now, there are too many unsightly roadside stalls. You can see the front of Menara Tabung Haji crowded with those stalls. Then if you go further, there’s more of them in front of Wisma Central. PLEASE DON’T GET ME WRONG, I don’t have any problem with the hawkers. I’m also not against the idea of doing roadside businesses. I do understand that 9 out 10 sustenance comes from business. But, seriously, it’s just too many and eye soaring!

It’s Very Different Now…
Wisma Central doesn’t look like this anymore. LOL
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Nothing Wrong With Doing Business on Roadsides, But…

I won’t mind at all if they sell their kinds of stuff from a simple little kiosk, or from nice looking vans or trucks. But NO, they have ugly big umbrellas with big holes, tables, and vans. And it’s very dirty! Even on the dark coloured road, you can see it’s wet as if they washed their hands, cutleries and utensils simply on the floor. You can see trashes on the floor, and customers crowding the stalls, eating while standing. You’ll just be so confused at that time, unsure about your current location. Are you in the city centre or in a rural area? LOL

Night Market at Jalan TAR
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It’s totally like a night market. But even night markets have their own designated areas. For instance, if you go to Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, there are hundreds of stalls. But it is less like for you to see them as a nuisance. This is because their stalls are nicely arranged in the designated area. The hawkers don’t simply put their stalls in front of someone’s premises. You can buy your things at Gulati’s, Kamdar, or even eat at the most expensive Mamak restaurant, Restoran Insaf in peace. If you wish, you can go to the other side of the road to buy things from the stalls. That’s nicer, right?

And there’s this Taman Dagang area in Ampang. It’s located nearby the Ampang Jaya Police Station. And sorry to say, it’s a hideous place. There’s a food court, other nice restaurants, big houses, a nice condominium called Sri Mas if I’m mistaken. But god, there are so many unsightly roadside stalls, blocking the road and taking up the parking spaces.

Taman Dagang as Well
Taman Dagang does not look like this anymore
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I know this does not only happen nearby KLCC and at Taman Dagang. But I only mentioned these two locations because it’s where I grew up. It’s up to other residents in another location to speak up. As days pass by, any place should look better. But no, these roadside stalls made everything look like we are going backwards. If the government really aim to help these hawkers, please set a proper place for them to do their business instead of allowing them to make a mess in front of beautiful buildings. Please take action if they’re reluctant to trade in the assigned area.

A Friendly Reminder

Dear roadside stall owners, I understand that you are just trying to put food on the table. But hello, other business owners also have to eat. And they need income so that they can pay their workers who also have family members to be fed. If you make a certain area unfavourable (crowded/dirty) for the other businesses’ customers to come, how are they supposed to make money? Do you think it’s okay for others to close down their businesses as long as you can make money? Don’t be selfish!

Thanks for reading.

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