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Disability Discrimination in Malaysia

A statement made by McDonald’s Malaysia

Hey. I just found out about the disability discrimination issue that went viral two days ago. It involved the McDonald’s crews in Seremban. You can read the original post here. To cut the story short, the staff has assigned an employee with difficulty in learning (dyslexia) with work/OKU card ID number instead of using his name on a work schedule shared in their group WhatsApp. So his father replied telling his son’s name is Aniq Ashraf, not numbers. Why did the others have their names typed on the schedule but his son was only given (aka called as) numbers? So there’s this one f*cker replied that it’s because Aniq’s stupid, so he doesn’t deserve to be called with names.

The elder brother interfered and got so upset that he cursed a lot in that group. He even spoke to another b*tch hoping that she can solve the issue. But sadly, she was like, “oh, that’s his (the subordinate) mistake. I can’t do anything about it. Indeed we give numbers to the disabled”…Damn it. That’s clearly disability discrimination. Are they even humans? GODDDDDDD…actually, the saddest part is that no one in that group defended Aniq. If not because he has a caring father and brother, McDonald’s would never know about it. And bravo, netizens of Malaysia. You guys did a really good job by spamming the branch’s FB page with bad reviews. I really hope McDonald’s will walk the talk and take this issue seriously. I have a deaf elder brother. He is unable to talk properly. It will definitely break my heart if the same thing happens to him.

Cleaning up their page after receiving backlash from the netizens

Nonetheless, I do think that organisations in Malaysia including the government sectors have systems designed not meant for disabled individuals. They only know how to make parking spaces, restrooms, and accessible stairways for the disabled. They don’t know how to create systems that are friendly to those who have special needs. Let me share with you some true stories:

  1. Someone harrassed my brother. So he thought that before anything happen, he should go to the police station to make a report. He was hoping that the police can help and do something to avoid unwanted situation like getting injured. And you know, the police said they couldn’t do anything because nobody hurt him physically YET. And they gave him their phone number and ask him to CALL them when something happens. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…what the f*ck, man? He’s can’t speak properly and he definitely can’t hear anyone…YOU EXPECT HIM TO CALL YOU? LOL..
  2. On one night, my brother deposited about RM400 to the wrong account number. The next morning, he independently went to the C*MB branch (where he used the CDM). The bank told him they couldn’t do anything and had to wait for the HQ to CALL HIM. From there, I had to involve myself because how the f*ck they want to speak to my brother? I waited for so long for the HQ to contact me to find out that they were unable to do anything because the receipt was not readable anymore. Yes, I admit it was our mistake that we forgot to make a copy of the receipt, but the receipt was absolutely fine when my brother first went to the branch. The receipt was not clear because it has been so long! If they have helped to do something like freezing the person’s account temporarily or AT LEAST contacted the recipient as soon as possible, my brother would not have lost his hard earned money.
  3. I used to work at a bike shop. So there’s this one mute and deaf person wanted to buy a bike using A*ON CREDIT. He had all the necessary documents including his payslips. But he didn’t get to buy the bike he wanted because A*ON CREDIT was unable to CALL him. I made the initiave to help him by calling the customer service. I asked something like, “So how can a person like him get a loan from you?”…and the representative answered, “Indeed he can’t make the loan because we need to call him”. LOL
  4. There’s one time my brother and few of his deaf and mute friends didn’t receive the monthly incentive from JK*. They got so confused but got nobody to refer to. Well, who doesn’t know that the government has a very huge bureaucracy and have trouble to provide ample information to those in need WITHOUT COMING TO THE OFFICE? LOL. I tried calling the office and as expected, no one answered from morning until evening. HAHAHAHA…So I had to go there myself to ask them just one simple question which was “What happened to the incentives?”. It might be a small thing to me. But just imagine those poor plus disabled people who have to come all the way just to ask the same thing? You call yourself WELFARE OFFICERS but the only welfare you care about is your own? funny.

Well, that’s just some of the stories that are still fresh in my mind although it has happened a few years ago. I’m not sure if the same thing exists in other countries. I just hope that there’s someone who can make a change for the betterment of those with special needs. I also hope that when you know these special individuals are being mistreated, try to defend them. They’re humans too. Those like Aniq and my brother were lucky to have their family to help them. But imagine if they don’t have anyone?

Thanks for reading.