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Equal Gender Exploitation

Hey! Gender exploitation is a troubling issue that persists in various forms across the globe, demands our attention and action. Recently, I came across a hot issue on Facebook about the Merdeka parade, where the firemen were posing (sexily- as the netizens suggested) wearing tight t-shirts, ‘parading’ their muscular bodies to the public. However, it has sparked quite a debate.

Equal gender exploitation. Now the women can feast their eyes too!
Picture source: Facebook
Auto Shows or Tiger Shows?

Meanwhile, no one bats an eye and said anything about auto shows that always include half-naked women wearing skimpy clothes. It’s hard to brain what the F these ladies have got to do with those shows. You can easily google all the photos from those events in Malaysia itself! I’m not sure why these events are even allowed although Malaysia is an Islamic country.

Half naked lady in an auto show. Not sure if they’re selling cars or women or probably both?
Picture source: Google
Gender Exploitation is Always Okay for the Men, is it?

Additionally, if you want to look at a different perspective, I bet most guys who went to that kind of event were already married. However, did they care about their wives’ feelings? Nope too. Even an admin from a very popular Facebook page suddenly talked about gender exploitation and how immoral the parade was. I cringed! I seriously believe that the admin was a guy. The funny thing was that the admin said something like “Imagine if the show was parading women”. HELLO! It’s already happening everywhere including in this beloved country. Duduk dalam gua ke?

Be fair, please.

Therefore, if you want to stop or hate something, be fair! Assume that we’re in the US, where there are male strip clubs. If the men think that it’s immoral, then the female strip clubs must be shut down as well right? The same must go in Malaysia. If you think it’s not cool to FEAST the ladies’ eyes with the muscular men, therefore you must stop parading women with less clothes! Tu pun susah nak ajar. Typical Malaysian guys.

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