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Hari Raya Stress

Hey. Raya, raya, raya! My fellow Muslim friends, how was Raya? I guess if you’re happily married with a bus of kids, or if you have good looks and wealth, your Raya must have been great. LOL

Whenever it’s near Raya, some people will definitely have this anxiety of facing nosy people asking all sorts of sensitive questions. I know this because short before Raya, my feed was bombarded with related memes, especially by my friends who are still not married, overweight, or married but have no kids.

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Traumatic Experience
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People should be happy (or happier) during Raya or any festive seasons because they finally get the chance to be with their family, relatives, or old friends and catch up. But instead, the occasion can become a traumatic experience to some unfortunate people when sensitive issues were brought up. Don’t blame them for avoiding others or not coming back on next festive holiday. They simply want to shield themselves from further emotional pain.

Don’t Condone It
Illustration of an aunty who cannot wait to meet you and start saying hurtful things. LOL
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I don’t get why some people also condone this act noting that it’s just a friendly ‘gesture’. Instead of asking the ‘victims’ to just politely answer the sensitive questions, or just accept it when they’re shamed because they have body issues, or because they are not married yet, or because they are married for a long time but still don’t have kids, please ask those ‘assailants’ to watch their mouths.

Take the Last Laugh

I used to have this issue especially during my younger days, but not anymore. The reason is that only Allah knows that I always get the last laugh after ‘researching’ and knowing the lives of those who dared to ask/shame me are so miserable yet pretentious. But I’m neither a bully nor that shallow to mock the hardships faced by others. I have class. Oops!

Government Needs to Act
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I know that this is almost impossible but it would be great if there’s an act that can ‘govern’ the mouths of these people. I know there’s already one for body shaming, as depicted in the picture above. Serves them right. But seriously, the government needs to look into this matter too. What gives some people the right to mentally torture others by asking all sorts of sensitive questions?

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