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Healthcare: Money Comes First

Hey. Healthcare, a fundamental aspect of human well-being, is a topic of paramount importance in today’s world.

The meme I saw earlier

I cracked up so hard when I saw this meme posted on this FB page. I had an almost similar experience a few years ago. My then bf now husband got into an accident. So the ambulance rushed him to a government university hospital nearby. They asked me to pay about rm700++ first then only they can proceed with the treatment. Luckily I just received my salary at that time. Just imagine if neither of us got the money? Or if at that time the only hospital nearby was an expensive private hospital and we didn’t have the money or medical card? They would probably have just asked us to go back and use gamat (sea cucumber) oil to treat the wound. LOL

The Society’s Mindset

I’m afraid that in Malaysia, there’s a very stupid mindset, “If you can’t afford private healthcare, go to the government hospital and don’t complain about the service there”. What? So you’re telling me those rich taxpayers are paying the civil servants to give lesser quality treatment to the less fortunate people? Then there’s this another stupid mindset, “THEN GET A FREAKING MEDICAL CARD.” Well, it’s easier to be said than done. With a minimum income, how the fork people should pay for the premium which increases with age? Plus they have different coverage, different terms, some have zero deductible plan, some require you to pay half, some requires you to pay using your money first, etc…all the differences require a different amount of money. Isn’t it still not very helpful for us? Don’t we deserve good health care as well?

I really hope that someone can do something about this. At least, try to improve the healthcare service provided by the government hospitals. Don’t mean to be rude, but I used to take care few of my family members there…and the experience? It wasn’t great. I’ll save the story for another day. In the meantime, I guess I’ll just have to wait for the time to come when medical insurance is compulsory in every hospital and see how many people would go bonkers over the matter.

Thanks for reading.

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