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Job-Seeking Experience: The (Worst) Employers’ Logic

Hey. Job-seeking is a transformative experience that often defines one’s career path and aspirations. It is a process filled with challenges, opportunities, and self-discovery. Nevertheless, it can be quite tiring and sometimes demotivating, yet it’s REALLY AMUSING, especially when I went through some of the job ads, even those not related to my field of interest. Some employers sure have the worst logic.

It’s Okay to Offer One Position with Many Job Roles
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Some employers are offering one position with a salary for one job title but requiring the employees to work for more than one job role. Just imagine, an admin job requires the employees to do some graphic design and sales. While graphic designers need to do clerical tasks, sales, video editing, and dispatching. The scariest job description is the one that includes “Doing ad hoc duties as assigned by the employers”, which can mean you need to do things outside your job scope.

It’s Okay to Give Slow or No Feedback

Some employers give slow to no feedback at all. Jobseekers have to wait for like more than a week and sometimes months to get feedback from the employers. It’s understandable if it’s a government job because THOUSANDS are applying for so limited openings. But when top organisations with HR departments are unable to at least hit the REJECT button, that’s just so troubling and super annoying. Jobseekers become so unsure whether they need to wait or just get any job and later abscond when they get their dream job. Because if they wait, they might miss other opportunities. But if they run away from their job, it’ll affect their resume. Employers would call them job-hoppers, and unreliable. LOL

It’s Okay to Not Disclose the Salary

When employers put “competitive salary” instead of the salary amount. LOL

Some employers don’t include offered salaries in the ads. Okay, they may have a few reasons for doing so. For instance, Vyvial-Larson noted that they maybe don’t want the current employees to feel bad. Well, to me, your current employees would only feel sad or pissed off if you’re not offering fair salaries. HAHA. Another reason could be that the employers want to negotiate. That’s just crap. Employers won’t even bother to call you if your expected salary (in the resume) is way above their offered salary. I know because I’ve worked in a recruitment agency before. Employees expecting high salaries are called DEMANDING. Then what should we call employers lowballing in recruitment? LOL!

It’s Okay Not to Practice Good HR

I was so shocked that some companies thought that it was okay not to practice good HR. They hired someone and ask them to come to work without telling them their salaries. I know, that employee was a fool. But hey, we can’t blame them for being so motivated and giving their full trust to big-named companies, especially. They don’t provide any offer letter even after working for a month. They told A will hand over her work to B, giving the impression that B’s arrival was to replace A. But A was actually unaware that her contract will not be renewed. They thought that it was okay not to prepare anything for newcomers and when they come, they look like idiots.

So there you go. The employers’ worst logic, based on my jobseeking experience.

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I’m actually jeopardising my opportunities to be employed by writing this because I’ve included my website address in my resume. But, if the potential employers can’t take this little pressure, why the heck do they put “able to work under pressure” in the job description? Walk the talk, baby. Plus, this is merely my experience and opinion and not a personal attack. It’s also a good reminder to jobseekers out there. Stay alert. Don’t let your desperateness in finding jobs let the employers take advantage on you.

Wish me luck in securing a good job without getting scammed, guys. Thanks for reading.

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