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Life After PhD

Hey. The journey through a PhD is an intellectual and academic odyssey that demands years of dedication and hard work. Next month, my name will be nominated in the senate meeting for completing my PhD. It was a pretty rough journey. With very little money in hand, I still determined to enroll in 2019. Honestly I didn’t know what was I doing until the final year. I was so lost. But I was relieved knowing that it’s very common. LOL. Anyway, probably next time, I can share some tips for those who’re interested to get a PhD.

What’s Next?
Everybody and even myself expect me to become a lecturer. LOL
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Anyway, I know that many people expect me to move forward after PhD, finding a higher paying job like becoming a lecturer. Of course I’m looking forward for that. Nevertheless, higher pay means greater responsibilities. Can I have the work life balance that I am currently having now? Like I’ve mentioned in previous post , my current rotating work schedules are giving me the kind of work life balance I crave so much. I’m not going to give it away unless the offer is tempting.

My Life, My Choice
I don’t want this boring life. LOL
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Talked to one of my ex-classmates. I’m so happy for her that now she has found a job that she likes so much instead of becoming a lecturer or something. So I’m going to be like her. I’m willing to consider if there’s a good opportunity. In the mean time, I’ll take all the time that I want to find something useful (and joyful) for me to do. I’m sure Allah swt has written my destiny. I just have to be grateful, work it out and make the best of it.

The takeaway, as long as you’re not doing anything bad, and except for GUIDING and HELPING you, nobody has the right to force you to do the things you don’t want to do. Go, it’s never too late to find your passion. Also, if you’ve made a wrong choice, it’s never too late to start over. You’ll die once but you have everyday to live life to the fullest.

Thanks for reading!

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