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Organisations and Their Lack of Understanding of Customer Service

Hey guys. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Customer Service Management. Althought I graduated a long time ago, I still remember the definition: Anything that we do that enhances the customer’s experience. Being a friendly person with a high degree of empathy, customer service is like a passion to me. Sadly, some organisations lack understanding of customer service.

It is a Call Center Job

Before customer service became popular, some employers thought it was like a GRO (sex worker) job. Yes, I heard that a lot. Then, when it got more popular, most employers thought that customer service is synonymical to call centers. So most of my friends from the same course ended up in call centers. No, there’s nothing wrong with the job. But, why, man? We learnt so much about customer service at Ikea (one of the most popular examples at that time), but our country only recognises that degree is meant for a call center job? Funny.

It Means Customers are Always Right

Because organisations are very eager to make a lot of profit, they have very vague policies or procedures on how to handle toxic customers. Ever heard of Karens? There are a lot of them, still breathing on this planet. I had so much experience working in retail, and I cannot approve that customers are always right. Some of them made unreasonable demands and were rude! But hell no, most employers prefer the company and the employees to suffer by delivering these Karens’ demands BECAUSE CUSTOMERS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT. For god’s sake, just terminate the shitty relationship. Toxic customers can affect the company’s time and money (Read more here). Wake up!

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Only Meant for Customers Who Pay

We learned that customer service is not only for our external customers (customers who buy our products and services) but also for the internal customers (employees). Internal customers are equally important as the external ones. Because if the internal customers are happy, it will improve their motivation, work more productively and willing to go the extra miles to serve the customers (Read more here). Am I not right? But no, organisations don’t think that. They don’t care that their employees come and go, as long as there’s someone replacing and serving the customers. They don’t care if the employees who remained are unmotivated and sometimes burst their anger toward the customers. Easy example, the nurses at government hospitals who are mostly rude because they’re required to their job. LOL

Anyone can Work in This Field

Last but not least, organisations thought that anyone can work in this field. If the employers put someone who’s unable to communicate well, not friendly, unable to even show smiley eyes behind the face masks, not empathetic, don’t know how to formally address the customers, then they don’t need to have a customer service department at all. They don’t need customer service representatives, executives, or whatever. Just put the technicians, engineers, clerk, or whatever to serve the customers. At least it’ll help to save the operational cost. LOL

This is what smiley eyes look like. From the eyes, you know she’s smiling behind her face mask.
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