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The 5 Cents Stealer

Hey! Recently there’s an issue (which went viral, of course) of ZUS’s staff not returning the 5 cents to the customer. The reason was that THEY DIDN’T HAVE 5 CENTS.

Screenshot of the posting

The posting received a mixed response. Some agreed that no matter how small the change is, any customer should get it back because it’s not the SHOP’s to keep. But, some trolled/condemned, noting that THE CUSTOMER SHOULD JUST LET IT GO BECAUSE IT’S JUST 5 CENTS, which to them, is a very small amount.

Stupid Citizens Condoning the Act

To me, the latter response proves how many citizens in this country are not so brightd and always give way to anyone who seeks to take advantage. Instead of mocking ZUS, these stupid citizens bashed the person who wrote for making the 5 cents an issue.

Hello, the 5 cents issue is not news. It has been happening everywhere for a very long, long time. And I bet the issue is prolonged, thanks to these idiots for always giving way. THANK YOU! If 5 cents is a small issue, an individual who stole 1 cent wouldn’t be able to become a millionaire (Google to read the news).

It’s Not About Berkira (Being ‘Calculative’)

Honestly, it’s not about berkira. I personally don’t mind giving extra tips to any food rider, although I already paid the delivery charge. If I want to, I also don’t mind leaving a few balances when paying. Let me at least say, “KEEP THE CHANGE”. But these jerks just simply keep the change without the customers’ approval. Meaning that they ASSUME IT’S OKAY TO KEEP THE CHANGE, AKA TO STEAL. Says who?

If we go to shops with the cash registers (like ZUS), they would definitely die waiting for the customers to give exact change. Although they have kept 5 cents from some customers (God knows how many), would they give away the drink if the customers are short of, say, RM1? IT’S A VERY RARE CASE.

Years ago (before e-wallet was famous, obviously), I went to one of the TEALIVE branches. I even provided the 5 cents, but they didn’t return my 10 cents balance because they don’t have 10 cents. Then I said, “In that case, give my 5 cents balance back”, so they can keep all the change they want. LOL

I actually don’t give a shit already about the 5 cents, 10 cents or whatever cents because nowadays, I always pay with e-wallet or card whenever possible. But I had to write this article because I was pissed off with ZUS’s response. You can easily see that instead of sincerely and professionally apologising, they trolled the customer for the 5 cents issue by giving out 75SEN voucher code.

Response from ZUS

Are you guys still blind?

They’re Trying to Steal From Their App as Well

Oh, in case you guys don’t know, ZUS has its own cash wallet. Unlike other e-wallets (like TNG, Grab, etc.), the amount in their wallet is not transferable, you can’t use it for other purposes, and there’s no flexibility on the top-up amount. You need to at least top up RM10.

I’ll just give my situation as an example:
I have a RM6 balance. How do I empty the balance? I just can’t. If I use it to buy their doughnut, I would still have a RM2 balance. If I want to buy a RM7 worth of drink, I need to top up RM10; later, I would still have a RM9 balance. The next time I want to purchase two RM7 drinks, I would have to top up another RM10, and later I would have RM5 balance and these would go on forever.

Good job. Another way of stealing.

Possible Solutions?

One of the possible ways, businesses need to ensure they always have 5 cents change. For the customers, avoid paying by cash whenever possible. And please don’t be an idiot by condoning all this shit also. Other than that, I’m not sure. It’s not my job to think and come up with solutions. It’s the authorities’ responsibility to ensure this thing doesn’t happen again.

Thanks for reading.

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