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The Manipulators: Property Agents

Hey! After almost 7 years renting, my husband and I decided to buy our own house although we don’t have much money. Because, if not now, when? And Alhamdulillah, our housing loan application was approved in less than a month. Few documents signed and we’re hoping to move in before our renting period ends. May Allah ease our journey.

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We chose the house mainly because it’s within our budget. Although it’s far from the city, it’s spacious, and the walls are thick unlike most new houses today. Nevertheless, it’s a painful journey that we have to endure before we can finally get the house key. All I can say now is that most (not all) property agents are shitty.

Undeniably, some banks do provide full loan to eligible applicants. But bear in mind that you still need to have few thousands in hand. These property agents will definitely fool and trap you! Hey don’t blame us. We already told the agent that this is our first time buying house. She also said that she will help to guide us one by one. If we’re experts, we should be selling houses too, right? If we have lots of money, why would we ever ask for a full loan? Because of this useless agent, in total we had to dig out around RM14K. She said RM7K will be refunded when the loan is disbursed. We’ll see about that later. LOL.

My husband had the chance to express his dissatisfaction towards the property agent and the broker to the banker. They provided us insufficient and misleading information. And guess what, the banker noted that this is a very common problem. These property agents and broker usually will lure the buyers to a level where they can’t just back out. Whether the buyers like it or not, they need to get more money. But if they back out because they are unable to get any more money, they will never see the money that they have initially paid.

Moral of the story, to those who are interested to buy their first home, make sure you are mentally ready. Make sure you are ready with the money too. Regardless what they say about the full loan, make sure you can pay for the booking fee, SPA, stamp duty, legal fee, security deposit, and other effing fees.

Last but not least, if you ever be in our situation, do not give up! Getting housing loan approved is not easy especially for low income earners like us. So when you have the opportunity to get the loan, just move forward no matter how difficult it’s going to be. Good luck!

Not sure if we have one, but I hope someday there’ll be a law governing this property agents ensuring that they’ll follow certain procedures, providing full information to the buyers. If we have one, then it’s already proven that there’s lack of enforcement. HAHAHA. Thanks for reading.