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Voting Address

Hey. Voting, the cornerstone of democratic societies, is a powerful instrument that empowers citizens to shape the course of their nations. However, as for someone working with shifts, and the work requires staff to be available at the counter all the time, it’s quite a hassle. I had to commute for more than an hour, stand in line for an hour, and then commute back to work for another hour. That’s just so messed up.

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The Incurred Cost

The system sets that the address on each citizen’s IC as the voting address. The voting address remain unchanged if they do not update their address. I strongly believe that this is the reason why some people refuse to vote or effed up with voting system:
1. Commuting = Cost
2. Take leave (e.g.: retail employees) = Cost
3. Provide paid leave to the employees = Cost
4. Buy medicines (e.g.: buy painkiller to ease the pain from queuing so long) = Cost


To encourage the citizens to vote, I believe it is better for the government to find ways to allow citizens to vote where they currently reside. They can maintain the system where one’s vote will go to the candidate/party contesting for the particular parliament according to one’s voting address, but at least they can vote at their current location. Some people just don’t update their address because they are just working away from their hometown.

Hope the government can do something about this and ease the citizen’s burden. Do not give the citizen the same bullshit that they need to sacrifice for the goodness of the country. See what happened now? The citizens voted A to get rid of B, but in the end, A and B are together. They just wasted the citizens effort.

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