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Cheap Publicities – The Malays in Making Stupid People Famous

Hey. Cheap publicities, often tempting for their affordability, can yield mixed results for businesses and individuals seeking to boost their visibility.

Before you guys get all crazy about the title, let me get it straight, I am a proud Malay woman. But, I don’t watch Malay dramas and stupid tv shows like Anugerah Juara Lagu, Gegar Vaganza, or whatever. I don’t even recognise most Malay celebrities, especially the new ones. The only Malay movie that I thought worthwhile watching and I could repetitively watch is Munafik (it’s honestly awesome, man!). Also, there are only a few Malay songs that deserve to be on my playlist because of the rhythm and meaningfulness.

Lack Quality, Cheap Publicities

It’s not that I’m against my own people or undermining them, but, it is a sad truth that most of the celebrities lack quality. Basically, most of them have reached the top because of their cheap publicities, if not because of their looks. And who’s responsible for putting them on top? The Malaysian media and the Malays themselves, of course.

I came across the news about a woman with a toilet bowl as her mouth who got famous after mocking the employees from 7-Eleven and KFC. I am not going to put her picture here because I definitely don’t want to make her famous. But you know, nobody else deserves a good punch in the face other than her. If I could, I would have done the honour.

Aliens thought that this lady should be erased from this universe. Sadly, Malaysia greatly needs her. Even a tv show invited her as a guest. Afterwards, she even had the audacity to do the same shit. She mocked people with disabilities, guys. That’s what happens if you feed fame to this kind of attention seekers, guys. Each attention is like a motivation to do stupider things.

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“Thanks for making idiots like us rich.” LOL
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It’s Not the First

Well, I’m ashamed to tell you that this is not the first case whereby stupid people got themselves famous. Last time, there was this girl with a forehead size of a football field. She did nothing other than ‘utilise’ herself on social media, doing stupid things, making stupid comments. The media also made her some sort of celebrity, and the Malay business owners paid her to make product reviews.

Other ‘successful entrepreneurs’ like that infamous transgender who went missing but the law enforcement weren’t unable to locate her, the aunty who’s selling slimming supplements but she’s unable to lose weight, the weak looking family guy who brags about everything, etc also have used the same method. The media gave all the attention and the Malays bought their products. Before that, they were just stupid, but now they’re stupid and rich. In case things got too far, they’ll just say sorry because the Malays are so magnanimous. LOL

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A Messed Up Phenomena

I am not going to waste my time finishing this particular article by stating that I hope someone can make a change about this. I know nothing can ever solve the problem. Why? In case you’re unaware, we have INFLUENCER as a job title now. Not all of them are brilliant and have actual talent, and people support them, allowing them to make money on their social media platforms.

The world is already messed up, and waiting for its’ end. All you and I can do now is avoid contributing to their wealth. If the Malays can be all worked up for the BMF thing and boycott non-muslim products, I just think that boycotting attention seekers’ products are also worth trying to save the honour of the Malays.

Thanks for reading.

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